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Teens Photography, Camilla

Summer & Autumn 2014 Weekend courses

From Beginners to Advanced Photographers we cater to varying levels in a range of formats.

TEENS COURSES - see our Teens Page here >>

The Mango Lab offers one-to-one classes as an express learning path with a proven track record
from basic camera training to travel photography before a trip (invaluable), preparation of
portfolio submissions for universities (which could of course change your life!) and photographic
mentoring for professionals and budding amateurs alike (get yourself on a new and focused path).

Whether you use Nikon or Canon, DSLR or compact, or even an iPhone or Android camera phone,
one of our studio-based or on-location workshops is waiting to get you thinking and seeing in fresh
creative ways.

Courses are usually confirmed a week before booking, but we know people like to book last minute, so
we cater for that too. Please phone or email us in any case. We are always happy to hear from you!

Ring us to chat and find out more about any of our workshops on 020 3002 4991
(or from abroad: +44 20 3002 4991) or email us at

Gift vouchers available - these are popular. We design according to your interest or the service you are booking
from our extensive range of inspiring images.

Saturday: Beginner Digital Photography (also Tuesday and Thursday evenings) >>
Saturday: Intermediate Practical Photography >>
Saturday: Photography for Teens - Beginners Teens>>
Saturday: Photography for Teens - Intermediate/Advanced Teens >>
Saturday: iMovie Film Editing - one day workshop >>

Saturday: The Saturday Club >>

WEEKDAY COURSES - see our Weekday courses page here >>

Am I a Beginner or an Intermediate? Click here to find out which course is right for me.

Photo Mentoring 1:1 >>
Our Photo mentoring enables you to learn at your own speed and at your own times.
Custom-built workshops: Let us know if you have a group wanting to learn on special days or times. Give us a ring and let's talk!

Ring us to chat and find out more about any of our workshops on 020 3002 4991 (or from abroad: +44 20 3002 4991).

WEEKEND: Beginner Digital Photography on Location in central London

Taking pictures but struggling to understand why you’re not getting what you want? Your owner’s manual reads like a foreign textbook?

Learn photographic terminology which will give meaning to terms such as
- shutter speed
- aperture
- white balance
- depth of field
- focal length
- jpeg and raw files, resolution
- and more...

With definitions understood, the course moves around each of these technical terms and employs practical exercises to explore the successful use of them.

This course runs during term-time over 4 weeks, and during the summer we find one-day courses work best for schedules. In a day, or over 4 half-day weekly sessions, you will know where to find and how to use your camera’s settings for creative effect.
And you will have a collection of your own short photography projects to prove it!

Saturdays, 11am-5pm
23 August (1 day)
6 hours training, £155 per person.

Saturdays, 2-5pm
4 Oct (then, 11, 18, 25 Oct)
Sat 8 Nov (then 15, 22, 29 Nov)
12 hours training, £285 per person.

For our Tuesday and Wednesday Beginner Digital Photography courses please see our Weekday courses page >>

For our Intermediate Digital Photography courses please see below and on our Weekday courses page and for Saturday Practicals Intermediate level see below.

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Am I a Beginner or an Intermediate? Click here to find out which course is right for me.

WEEKEND: Intermediate Practical Photography Saturday Afternoons

Building on the basics learned in Beginners Photography, whether with us at The Mango Lab or elsewhere, the Practical Saturdays format expands that knowledge and applies it to more challenging situations.

A course designed to stretch and test the photographer’s knowledge, students learn how to refine images through their in-camera light meters, mix ambient light with camera flash, extend exposure range, make educated decisions in difficult lighting situations, and begin to focus on a "method" behind the process.

Light and shadow, JuliaMasseyStewart
Choosing the right angle allows, as in the picture above, for texture to be accentuated, here, or diffused. Looking at how light falls is one of the best exercises you can do to practise photography, even without your camera.

The course will provide a mix between in-class preparations, picture analysis and on-location briefs in central London. This course is designed for students with a DSLR with pop-up flash and a basic knowledge of manual exposure. Two hours of fun and learning - what could be better use of time on a Saturday?!

Next Intermediate course will be weekdays on Tuesdays (4, 11, 18, 25 Nov, 7-8.30pm). Meeting in central London on location.

4 sessions, £155 per person.

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WEEKEND: iMovie Film Editing

Learn how to edit movies shot on your mobile phone or camera in a weekend! Intensive and fun learning.

Now is the time to get creative and learn to sort out workflow, create slick and fun transitions between clips, add effects and lots more. Join us to turn your film footage into something you can actually share, whether online on YouTube, Vimeo or on your own website.

From layout, tools and functions you will see how your movie begins to shape as you give it form through the editing process and build your clips into a tangible storyline. By adding sound or music you learn to add those finishing touches. With clear step-by-step guidance in a fun and friendly environment, the process from raw footage to completed film (as much as time allows and depending on how ambitious you are!) will have you up and running for producing some exciting new projects!

Course requirements:
To ensure that your course is as educational and runs as efficiently as possible, we require that you have footage already imported into iMovie. Due to the varying transfer speeds of different cameras and cables (USB, Firewire 400 or Firewire 800) this can be extremely time consuming and cannot be accommodated during the course. It is imperative that your footage is in iMovie before the course begins.

Software version: iMovie 08 or iMovie 11 (not iMovie HD).

Please be as selective as possible with your footage. You only need about 10 minutes of footage.

One-day intensive training Saturday, 10am-5pm
Next dates to be confirmed.

1-day intensive training, with approx. one hour break for lunch, £195 per person.

Weekdays: Wednesday evenings, 7.30-9pm
Next dates to be confirmed.

4 sessions, £195 per person.

For our weekday evening Film Editing workshop on Wednesday evenings please see our Weekday courses page.

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Photo Mentoring 1:1

We have an inspiring track record, from getting people into university to building careers in the photography industry, by assisting new to established photographers and photo enthusiasts alike.

Whether you are looking for photographic business or technical advice, portfolio development or you simply want a crash course before you head off on safari, we offer one-to-one mentoring sessions and courses. If the course you are interested in is not at a suitable time for you, the one-to-one option offers an alternative. Please contact us for details and we will match you with a mentor or coach appropriate to your needs.

"I'm in print! All thanks to you."
"Couldn't have done it without you."
"Your notes
[customised to individual requirements] were invaluable!"
"It's been a revelation."

*** Gift vouchers available ***

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Courses are usually confirmed a week before starting, but we know people like to book last minute, so we cater for that too. Please phone or email us in any case. If we are already full on your preferred date and time we can advise when the next course starts or recommend alternative options. We are always happy to hear from you!

Gift vouchers available.

Call us to book now on +44 (0)20 3002 4991 or email us at

Course dates and times may be subject to change. Please contact us to confirm, to enquire about course levels and to book.

The Mango Lab Terms and Conditions.

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